Charity Weddings: How To Donate Your Dress and Save Breasts

3 thoughts on “Charity Weddings: How To Donate Your Dress and Save Breasts”

  1. >I wanted to purchase a dress from them, but didn't find one at the event I went to. So they were the charity I chose for 'my' choice for our favor donations because I wasn't sure yet what I'd do with my dress after the wedding and I wanted to support the foundation somehow! Breast cancer is near and dear to my heart as my grandma passed away from it a few years ago. So glad you're supporting them!

  2. >I will most likely do this whenever i get married, it really is a great cause. I have had family members affected by breast cancer and have had people close to me die from other cancers so I always want to do my part to donate and raise awareness because it is such an awful thing to go through. The only reason I would want to save my dress is for my daughter to wear it… However, lets be real. The dress my mom wore on her wedding day is completly out of style and I never would have wanted to wear it and my daughter (if i ever have one) would most likely think the same about mine you know? So I will probably donate my dress to charity. its great that you are doing this

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